“I’m not young enough to know everything.”
J. M Barrie

Sometimes as children, God gives us glimpses, concentrated moments that summarize how the rest of our lives will develop. For my sister, the following story was just such a moment.

My five year old sister fell passionately in love with a family friend named Jared,  also conveniently a five year old. They participated in the same book reading circle, and Kristen often amused herself by planning their future marriage.

My mother put my three year old brother into their reading circle, and he proved himself on many occasions to be the bane of my sister’s existence.

The most memorable such instance occurred on my sister’s birthday: my mother held a party for my sister in our reading circle, and made a piñata filled with candy for each child to try to break. Whoever invented the game of blindfolding small children and providing them with a blunt instruments to swing at random can’t have been the brightest individual, and his folly was exemplified by my brother. The moment my mother released him he walked directly to Jared and clubbed him on the head.

My sister recalls the horror she experienced as she saw almost supernaturally the unraveling of her life: it was her birthday, and her idiot little brother was trying to murder the man she loved. I would like to say the future changed this picture significantly, but I fear this moment proved irreversibly accurate. Sometimes, as children, you simply know.

*Disclaimer: I had only recently entered the world myself when this story occurred, and therefore my memory is slightly fuzzy. I am forced to rely on my older contemporaries for the details of this story, and can blame them if any of my narrative is historically inaccurate.


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