Me Dice, Musa

If thou dost seek to have what thou dost hide, by self-example thou mayst be denied. – 142

1. Me Dice, Musa
Listen, listen to the voice
Presto, largo, and rejoice
Slip and simmer, simply slide
Vici, vidi is our choice.
Murmur, murmur, turn the tide
Grip and glimmer, open wide
Idzie, idzie, idziemy
Blessed Venus, sooth my pride.
Faster, faster flies the day
Seratonin, shift and sway
Turning, burning, learning fast
How to shiver; how to pray.
Wander, wander, ponder past
Find veritas (farther cast)
Fonder feelings fleeing fast
Me Dice, Musa, make it last.

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