Anna Wintour

Drama is dangerous

Heroines are carnivores,

And talent demands

Burnt sacrifice.


Yon Cassius hath a lean and hungry look. Would he were fatter.

Julius Caesar

4. Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, cold and set

Vintage lace and cigarettes

Faded nails filed red

Darted bobs and brown barrettes

Count their bouncing, bobbing heads

Take their cake and give them bread

Spin the dials on their phones

Lids of grey and lips of lead

Sallow skin and jutting bones

Sell the branded silver stones

Picking pockets, posit pay

As you sit inside our homes

Pretty kitten! Marmalade!

Melt and molten masquerade

Rip the fabric, never rush

Prim and prickly doll parade.

Crucifixes, watch and fast,

Go and kill the fatted calf.


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