A world who would not purchase

With a bruise?


4. Elizabeth

Liza, Liza, reddened queen

Silent, steadfast, and serene

Bloody murder, bloody chill

Leave them in lethargic dream.

Liza, living virgin still

Make them bend to suit your will

Eyes of blue and locks of red

With a flick of father’s frill.

Atavistic-fingers flexed

Wonder who is coming next

Let them grovel, self-destroy

Rex et regis, regis rex.

Sickly Edward! Sickly boy.

Prickly pity, prickly joy.

Take some chocolate, leave the meat,

Back to bed, and don’t annoy.

Mary, Mary, tall and sweet!

Pat her hand and peck her cheek.

Mighty Mary, shall we race?

Little Liza is so weak.

Hail Mary, full of grace,

Let her die without a trace.


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