Loving the Ugly

You are the fire, and the revolt, and the fog,

And I are your lashes and curls.


When love becomes idolatrous, imperfections are idolized.

One  stage of infatuation eliminates all faults from the adored-but I write of the stage after, where blemishes of the one we love become something delighted in-something that awakens in us a  feeling of possession.

If you’ve really loved, you know of what I speak. An exaggerated birthmark, one eye a bit more pronounced than the other, pupils that dilate impulsively. Such impurities become prized possessions more marvelously noted than perfect symmetry or divinely exquisite features, and would not be sacrifice or exchanged for the most intoxicating beauty.

Perhaps such preference for the unpreferable points to the existence of a higher power. Such behavior bucks against all evolutionary instincts-loving the unlovely is rebellion against nature.

Nature prods persons to pursue the highest mate, to maximize their potential of improving their genes in future generations.

The love of the unlovely finds pleasure in imperfection and ends in a self-sacrificial consummation-a pursuit of inferiority that defies evolutionary explanation.

And points perhaps to some intervention of the Spirit, of the blessed. Adoring defects divides us from the animal, and indicates a spark of divine fire named man-created as a reflection of that Divine Power that rejected the beautiful to pursue us.



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2 responses to “Loving the Ugly

  1. walkinwjc

    One should keep in mind that we are created in GOD’s image and he makes no mistakes. If you are a believieng person, read the Bible and it speaks of Jesus being not a comely person…Maybe we should all believe this. I think at times, our looks or perceptions of self prevent us reaching our true potential. Blessings to you, friend!

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