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What We Can Learn, From Audrey and Liz.

Whenever I feel discontented in my life, I read Hollywood biographies.

Please don’t throw stones. They always make my life look so much better.

As I’ve escaped the semi-literacy imposed by Dewey and Huey on the American masses, I’ve cultivated a slightly satirical perspective.

For instance, I think it curious that actresses that manage to survive Hollywood sans suicide (such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn) suddenly cultivated  philanthropic tendencies in their aged years, after dedicating themselves making meaningless movies, money, and love throughout the decades of their cosmetically-prolonged youths.

I would hate to assume that such women, used to being seductive icons in their youths, found themselves finally flung from the interest of the media and resorted to any means to gain themselves some recognition, and found charities to be the best method of prolonged attention.

Let me be more generous. Perhaps these women, generally self-serving in youth, became reflective in old age and, sensing instinctively some approaching judgment, sought frantically to balance with later good deeds those afflicting affairs and abortions that dotted their youth.

Yet I have a challenge for my contemporaries.

Let us learn from the lives of those elevated and emulated actresses. Perhaps by focusing on others and not ourselves, remembering our Creator in the days of our youth, and cultivating our character and striving for the virtues of patience, dedication, and reflection; perhaps by denying ourselves and seeking to help others we can escape the divorces and suicide attempts and overdoses of the matriarchs of Hollywood and find meaning and purpose in life.

I’ve learned this the hard way. But we were created by a God of second chances.



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