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Il est tragique, mais pas serieux.

Morte est la mere de la belle, Madame,
Et vous pouvez dormir dans les lits que vous fabriquez.

Quand j’etais une petite fille,
Je courais souvent dans la neige.
Et je pensais, souvent, le fin du monde
Viendrait ou je restais.

Le lessive et dormir
Le lessive et dormir
(and you leave your quotations uncited)
Le lessive et dormir
Le lessive et dormir
(and you’re starving the muse you invited)

Quand j’etais une femme nouvelle,
Je voyais a un portrait que je haissais.
Mais a peu du lait
Que je peux acheter,
Puis la chambre de les ombres je closais.


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The Snow Queen

Is, there, is there balm in Gilead?

Tell me, truly, I implore.

Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.


5. TheSnowQueen

Tis a calm and lovely night

For the snowflakes falling light

Glitter the most perfect sight

You can know.

And the wind is slipping past

And the stars are fading fast

Oh, your dream has come at last

The first snow.

Can you feel the snow queen?

When the moon’s unearthly beams

Strike the snowflakes like a dream

She is there.

You can feel her pass by

And you shiver as her sigh

Quivers as a distant cry

In the air.

The night takes a darker tone

As she wanders all alone

And a melancholy moan

Is her song

 And that strange, seductive tune

Mixing with the snow and moon

Lures you to your death and doom

 Before long.

Come with me

You will see

Things you never knew to be

Come away

And we’ll stay

Far from glaring light of day.

Trailing blood on virgin snow

With a diabolic glow
Her insanity does show

In her eyes.

For they glitter when she’s pleased,

And they snap when she’s uneased

And can drag you to your knees

There to die.

Feel the creeping sense of dread

Tis continually fed

Pounding, pounding in your head

You are found.

Oh the burning, churning fright

How the snow flakes seem to bite

Eerie echoes fill the night

All around.

You must fear time is dear she is near almost here

You must run find the sun there is none you are done

You must run find the sun there is none you are done.

Photo rights to enjoiordie.blogspot.com

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Et lui dit: je te donnerais toutes ces choses, si tu te prosternes, et m’adores. de Matthiew 4:9

3. Pocahontas

Pocahontas, shiftless, lean

Growing in the grades of green

Blending bare with bark of brown

Swift and sudden, seldom seen

Pocathontas in the dew

Couter chere et couter peau 

Less than brazen, more than brass

House of chamomile hue.

Pocahontas, traitor-trashed

Wash your feet and take the mass

Pocahontas dreams in white

Beating on the broken glass.

Lying lying with the logs

Hidden from the gaze of gods

Blowing soft albino clouds

Giving narcissistic nods.

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By the twitching of my thumbs,

Something wicked this way comes.


2. Cleopatra

Cleopatra, shining bright

Shiver, shiver in the light

Babalonic, touch your hair

Subtle goddess, supple sight.

Cleopatra, do they stare?

Crystal ball, dynamic pair.

Quelle a flickered in your eyes?

Dripping, drinking, drunk despair.

Cleopatra, do they sigh?

Moan and murmur, cut and cry?

Liver, lover, lashes cold

Twitching touches, lowered eyes.

Cleopatra, worship gold

Egypt’s blanket, baked and sold

Slipping silver, sell your soul

Faustus whispers, “never old.”

Cleopatra has the hole

Black and burning, dismal, dole

Ankles locking, fingers fold

Hollow love, complete and cold.

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